Mission and Beliefs

Let it be known
That Christ is the reason for this school,
The unseen, but ever-present Teacher in its classes,
The model of its faculty,
The inspiration of its students.
Author Unknown

Providing quality Catholic education in a Christ-centered, caring, learning atmosphere is the fundamental reason for the existence of Saint Pius Tenth School.  We are a community striving to live the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.  Instruction in Catholic faith and values are taught in the classroom and permeate all areas of learning and living.  Saint Pius Tenth School establishes an environment that enables understanding and acceptance of the values of cooperation, honesty, self-discipline, service, and respect for others, as lived and modeled by Jesus and the disciples.

Teachers and staff believe that every human being is important, unique, and special.  Therefore, they strive to instill a strong sense of self-worth in each child.  Every effort is made to educate the whole child – to meet his or her needs intellectually, emotionally, physically, and spiritually in today’s world.

Saint Pius Tenth School seeks to provide students with a true sense of community – a spirit of belonging that is based on acceptance, growth, and shared experiences of worship, prayer, and fun.  By living and learning in a faith community, children become caring and concerned members of the total world family.  Commitment to support Catholic School Education is a vision shared by the greater Catholic community.