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Welcome to Miss Briggs' Second Grade class. I am so excited to be moving up a level!

Second graders continue to develop their reading skills from first grade as they learn to read more complex words as well as read longer and more complex texts. Sight word vocabulary is further developed this year to help them as they build upon their reading and writing skills. They write in journals throughout the year as well, refining their skills as they write more detailed and longer pieces. 

In Math, addition and subtraction skills are further developed thoughout the year.

In Science, the topics include weather/the four seasons, plants, animals, life cycles, magnets, space, forms of matter, energy, "healthy habits", and the five senses.

Citizenship, holidays, wants and needs, families, communities, and map skills are a focus in Social Studies.

In Religion we focus on how God loves us and makes us special. All of our work, our play, and interaction with each other reflects the living gospel.

Second grade is a year of fun and learning!